We Provide the Infrastructure and
Execution that Will Lead Your Middle
Eastern Growth Strategy

Grow Your Global Presence Through the Middle East’s Thriving Ecommerce Channel
— Provided by MENA’s Only Real Ecommerce Enablers

The End-to-End
Ecommerce Solution
That Sets Us Apart

From initial setup to ongoing optimization, first
-mile to last-mile logistics, localization to customer
support — we handle every step of your Middle
East expansion.

Our end-to-end ecommerce solution handles all
the details, leaving your team free to focus on
what they do best.

Let our turnkey solution turn barriers to entry into
a competitive advantage that fuels your brand


Deep Localization

Resonate your name in the region by giving it a truly local, native touch that will align it with native cultures and set it in stone in the minds and hearts of your new customer base.

On-brand human translations of your catalog and website

Merchandising campaigns aligned with local events and holidays

Personalized promotional campaigns

Localized user interface, site design, and marketing material

Intelligent pricing model that benchmarks local competition and market needs

Local market performance forecasting


Digital Marketing

Let our local experts create, manage, and optimize marketing campaigns designed to reinforce your brand image and generate new sales & customers.

Holistic, full-funnel digital marketing strategy tailored to your market

Arabic and native language content creation and SEO

Ongoing optimization of conversion rates and AOVs

Fully managed social media, paid advertising, and digital analytics

Cohort analysis to drive repeat purchases

Influencer marketing – Endorsement and product placement from local influencers


Warehousing and Logistics

We have efficient processes already in place to overcome all operational challenges, including established relationships and negotiated prices with the region’s best providers.

Competitive rates and shipping speed with local logistics companies

Deep integrations with third-party logistics (3PL)

Inventory management and product quality checking

Management of freight forwarders & last-mile providers

Integration with warehousing management system (WMS)

Picking, packing, dispatching, and managing returns

Packaging & labeling


Customer Service

Attentive, professional customer support that earns your customers’ loyalty and trust.

English & Arabic speaking call center agents

On-brand engagement via live chat and social media

Responsive live chat offered to meet customer needs

Local GCC phone numbers

Seamless processing of returns & exchanges

Best practices observed regarding service levels and short waiting times


Technology Stack

Our proprietary tech stack serves as the scalable foundation needed to support your MENA ecommerce expansion.

Full front-end and back-end development

Integrations with local logistics, payment, & shipping companies

Data analysis for detailed results tracking

Fast, reliable, and secure website hosting provided

Cloned or customized platform as per your needs

Multi-platform solutions


Trade and

Leverage our deep understanding of the requirements and
obligations associated with exporting and selling ecommerce goods in the MENA region.

Capability of being Importer of record (IOR)

Compliance with legal frameworks in all MENA countries

Capability of being Merchant of record (MOR)

Trademarking provided


Local Payment

We have systems and relationships in place to efficiently process payments in MENA’s cash-based economy.

Efficient management of cash on delivery

Geography-specific payment service providers (PSPs)

Credit/debit card acceptance

Regional partners enabling “Buy now, pay later” orders


Data Analytics

We leverage high-end data and analytics to provide real-time reporting, uncover actionable insights, and improve customer conversion rates.

Ongoing data analysis of your marketing channels, ecommerce platform, and backend systems

Real-time dashboard tracks performance in each market region

Discovery of actionable insights and data-based

State-of-the-art reporting platform with holistic and drill-down views

Data-based consumer behavior prediction

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