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unlock value in the Middle East

An End-to-End Solution for Cross-Border
Growth in the MENA

Expand your global reach and tap the immense potential of the Middle
East/North Africa (MENA) market

The World’s Fastest-Growing
Ecommerce Region

Immense Opportunity

As the world’s fastest-growing ecommerce frontier, the MENA region holds immense potential for global brands. Ecommerce transactions in the region have grown 25% annually since 2014, with no signs of slowing down.

Ideal Customers

The Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) are filled with young, tech-savvy consumers with plenty of disposable incomes. Internet and smartphone penetration rates are among the highest in the world, making this a highly desirable region for your brand.

Nuanced Markets

The MENA region isn’t uniform. It consists of many markets with different cultures and consumer behavior. To succeed here, you need a partner who’s familiar with the nuances of all 20+ countries…
a partner like Revton.

To Penetrate MENA, You Need A Partner Who
Truly Understands The Region

Here at Revton, we understand the Middle East.

Our 3-Step Onboarding Process

We establish, localize, operate, optimize and market
country-specific ecommerce sites in the Middle East
that look, feel and behave like local sites do:


We build a seamless digital experience and we connect
your inventory with your new customer base.


We provide a deep, nuanced localization of your value
chain from the catalog to customer service, logistics,and
payments that’s culturally appropriate and will resonate
with customers.


We leverage our extensive experience in the MENA region
to guide your marketing and improve your sales and ROI
over time. Think of us as your team in the region.

Learn more about Revton, our process, and what makes us capable of meeting your needs and goals efficiently.

We Optimize Every Step In The Ecommerce Journey


All-Inclusive Localization

We go beyond simple language translation to localize your entire catalog for the region, from running relevant holiday sales to observing nuanced cultural differences.

Country-Specific Marketing

We understand how to drive MENA customers from top of the demand funnel all the way to increasing conversion rates in your shopping cart. We provide a holistic, data-driven approach to make sure every campaign is effective and adds to your bottom line.

Managed Logistics

The Middle East presents many country-specific challenges regarding logistics. Let us fulfill all your logistics needs from last-mile, returns, customs to fulfillment.

Payment Options

Cash-on-deliver, buy now pay later or debit card, whatever the region mandates, we will provide.

Customer Care

Your customer care policies and guidelines, our execution. Leverage our local customer service reps who speak the language and give customers the kind of superior brand experience that drives loyalty and repeat purchases.

We provide 360º services so our customers can thrive in MENA market

Expand Your Reach to the Middle East

Your consultation with Revton is the first step towards fueling
your cross-boarder growth in the region.

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