Digital Marketing Manager

Location: Amman, Jordan (Full-Time)

What we need

Manage, create, monitor and develop all the projects' marketing campaigns and strategies of the company/client that meet and/or exceed the company's business objectives. Establish new relationships with marketing vendors, ensure meeting the set targets through constant optimization and adjustments to achieve the success of Ad-Campaigns in adherence to the set policies and procedures.

What you’ll do

•    Perform the assigned duties as per the set policies and procedures in order to achieve the department goals.
•    Lead and manage the daily digital marketing operations in order to achieve the set goals.
•    Manage and monitor Ad-Campaign metrics and lead the digital marketing channels of the client, such as Social media platforms, Website, advertising campaigns, etc.
•    Gather and analyze all data on the previous campaigns (Based on best performance, optimization, etc.). 
•    Monitor and create a digital marketing budget for the assigned projects based on the data of the previous projects and forecast the required budget.
•    Monitor and develop a project plan, schedule, and outcomes (Key milestones, deliverables, dependencies, etc.).
•    Find and analyze available marketing vendors within the market and maintain a good relationship for any future collaboration. 
•    Create performance metrics, and conduct analysis to determine the effectiveness of the project and implement changes when required. 
•    Translate client insights into successful digital marketing programs. 
•    Manage and follow-up the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with external agencies and analyze the received reports.
•    Develop strategies to increase the number of visitors on the client’s website by achieving high-ranking placements in search results.
•    Conduct meetings with team members to discuss the project related matters (key accomplishments, upcoming activities, decisions, risks, issues, etc.).
•    Follow up with clients to get their feedback and make sure that the client is highly satisfied of the provided services.
•    Keep up to date with the latest new trends of Ad-Innovation and technology in areas related to digital marketing performance to determine the ability to apply/use them and the potential resources required.   
•    Establish and maintain a proper, safe and healthy work environment.
•    Evaluate market needs, and understand how to acquire knowledge about clients trends and demands.
•    Analyze and evaluate campaigns performance, marketing channels effectiveness, and buyers’ feedback.
•    Provide recommendations and prepare periodic reports on campaigns’ performance and related analytics.
•    Perform any other tasks related to the job assigned by the direct manager.

About you

•    Bachelor degree in Marketing or in any other related field
•    Ability to manage multiple tasks
•    Details & deadline-Oriented
•    Attention to details
•    Creativity and innovative thinking
•    Communication and interpersonal skill
•    Strong leadership and organizational skills
•    Problem-solving skills
•    Decision-making skills
•    Follow-up and monitoring skills
•    Networking and analytical skills
•    Social Perceptiveness skills.
•    Editing skills 
•    Content writing skills 
•    Good knowledge of market dynamics in the fashion retail industry as well as a broad-based marketing
•    High level of computer literacy and Microsoft Office.
•    Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
•    Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies in graphic design, web design, production, etc.
•    Strong Project management skills
•    Advanced Knowledge in digital media platforms
•    knowledge of ad serving tools
•    Good Knowledge of SEO and Google Analytics

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